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The Classroom Improvement Committee is dedicated to serving the students, faculty, staff, former students and visitors to Texas A&M University by maintaining the highest standards in creating an excellent learning environment in the academic classroom facilities.  The improvement and maintenance of our classrooms will demonstrate to the campus community the Administration’s commitment to the stewardship of its facilities. The Classroom Improvement Committee (CIC) was created by the Council for Built Environment Maintenance sub-council (CBE-Msc) and charged with the task of examining and assessing potential improvement opportunities for all Registrar-controlled classroom facilities on the Texas A&M University - College Station campus.  Moderate funding has been granted to improve these facilities over the coming years.  Currently, the largest concentration of general classroom facilities is on the main campus: 176 general classrooms and 41 classrooms with a capacity exceeding 100 persons each.  With the continued increase in student enrollment, there is a growing need for additional medium and large-size classrooms.  

Committee Goal

Over the coming years, the Classroom Improvement Committee seeks to enhance the academic experience through improved acoustics, lighting, seating, visual and technology advancement in creating a flexible learning environment suitable for a wide range of academic classes.

Operating Procedure

  • CIC will meet twice monthly (or as needed)
  • A formal agenda will be published in advance
  • A quorum consists of a majority of the members
  • Recommendations of the CIC will be communicated in writing to CBE-Msc
  • The Chair will report to the CBE-Msc
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