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Design Review Sub-Council

Design Review sub-council (DRsc)


Strong design control is required to achieve a high-quality environment and implement the intent of the Campus Master Plan, with design recommendation authority vested in the University Architect and the Design Review Sub-Council.


Once the CBE Co-Chairs delegate project review to the Design Review Sub-Council (DRsc), the DRsc reviews project design on behalf of the university with the following intent::

  1. To monitor and ensure that all design projects comply with the intent of the Campus Master Plan; to interpret the plan and guidelines; and to recommend exceptions when appropriate.
  2. To review and monitor proposed alterations and additions to existing buildings to ensure that the architectural and cultural significance of the original buildings are retained and enhanced in a manner consistent with the Campus Master Plan.
  3. To evaluate projects to ensure that they meet the highest qualitative standards.
  4. To recommend modification or development of the Campus Master Plan (CMP) as required.

The Design Review Sub-Council (DRsc) reviews artwork and related projects on behalf of the University with the following intent:

  1. Ensure minimum standards in the display, care and collection of artwork maintained and/or owned by the University.
  2. At the discretion of the President, handles any institutional initiatives in the arts that transcend departmental initiatives.

This may also include the preparation of policies and procedures for items such as permanent art work and wording on plaques.


The intention of the DRsc is to represent the university community, including faculty, staff and students to ensure that changes to the physical form of the campus meet the standards and intentions of the Campus Master Plan and reflect the high qualities and values of the university. The DRsc membership should therefore include expertise in the design professions.

The DRsc will have the services of the staff of the Division of Finance and Operations, who will develop minutes, reports and manage the DRsc operations.

  1. Design Review Sub-Council typically meets bi-monthly
  2. A formal agenda will be published in advance and indicate projects to be reviewed, information on future projects, and other matters to be considered.
  3. A quorum shall consist of no fewer than six (6) of the nine (9) voting members
  4. The recommendation of the DRsc shall be communicated in writing by the DRsc Chair to the Council of the Built Environment (CBE) Co-Chairs one week prior to CBE meetings, with copies to the requesting party, CBE Coordinator, DRsc members and the appropriate FP&C project manager.
  5. The DRsc Chair may establish task groups from the DRsc as needed, but all recommendations shall be made by the Design Review sub-council as a whole.
  6. The DRsc will review projects at the following phases:
    • Program of Requirements before an A/E team is selected (review by University Architect only)
    • Concept Design
    • Schematic Design
    • Design Development
    • At the onset of construction, building materials and assembly mock-up panels will be built on the construction site for review and approval by the DRsc Chair and Senior Associate Vice President for Facilities, or as agreed. (Refer to the DRsc Submission Requirements for specific details)
  7. The Chair will report to the CBE Co-Chairs and meetings with the CBE Co-Chairs may be scheduled as needed.

Public Art Procedures


MISSION: The Council for the Built Environment (CBE) Design Review sub‐council (DRsc) Art Committee is dedicated to 1) overseeing the selection, installation, management and deaccessioning of works of public art that convey, reinforce and expand the university’s ideals and identities; 2) supporting the mission of the University by adding a dynamic public art presence to the Aggie experience; 3) enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the Texas A&M University campus; and 4) fostering the global prestige of Texas A&M University as an institution.


VISION: To expose the Texas A&M community to works of art that inspire and instill a lifelong appreciation for the value and impact of the visual arts in enhancing education, stimulating reflection, promoting cultural enrichment, attracting interest and attention, and improving the intellectual and visual environments of the University. These objectives will be achieved through the use of public art to transform sites, structures and spaces into cultural destinations.


TAMU Procedures for Public Art

DRsc Art Committee Members


Council Role

   Ms. Lilia Gonzales

   Chair - University Architect

   Mr. Greg Bailey

   University Archivist

   Ms. Cathy Hastedt

   University Art Galleries

   Prof. Ward Wells

   Department Head or designee  - College of Architecture

   Dr. Forster Ndubisi

   Department Head or designee - Landscape Architecture

   Dr. Harry Jones

   Faculty Member - College of Engineering

   Dr. Jonathan Smith

   Faculty Member - At Large

   Dr. Stephen Caffey

   Faculty Member - Art or Art History

   Mr. Ricardo Maga Rojas

   President, American Institute of Architecture Students
   (or designee)


   Faculty Member – Art, Art History, or Theory and


   CBE Undergraduate Student Representative


   CBE Graduate Student Representative

   Mr. Russell Wallace (non-voting)

   TAMUS Facilities Services Planning & Construction
   (or designee)

   Mr. Dennis Gray (non-voting)

   SSC/Facilities Services Representative




















Note: Membership will be expanded to include other stakeholders as appropriate.


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