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Facilities Utilization and Planning Sub-Council

Operations and Charge
J. Martin Scholtz, Chair



Texas A&M University will manage and maintain its campus physical facilities in keeping with its mission, vision, core values and the policies of the Texas A&M University System. The assignment and use of spaces under the purview of the University, consistent with university rule: 41.05.02.M1 Space and Land Use Management ( will be based on programmatic needs and institutional priorities.



The Facilities Utilization and Planning Sub-Council (FUPsc) will lead the evaluation and make recommendations to the CBE in two major areas:

  1. New facilities priorities (including the analysis of units proposals, creation of 5 year building priorities, and proposing necessary updates to the capital plan) for all components of TAMU.
  2. Effective utilization of existing facilities (including assessing the effectiveness of space assignments, prioritizing centrally funded renovations, and evaluation proposals for changes in space assignments) for all components of TAMU in the Brazos county.


  1. FUPsc meets every month (or as needed).
  2. The agenda will be distributed in advance.
  3. A quorum consists of no less than six (6) of the nine (9) voting members.
  4. The recommendations of the FUPsc will be communicated in writing to the CBE.
  5. The Chair will report to the CBE Co-Chairs.



The current membership of the sub-council will include representatives from the following members of the campus community:

  1. Faculty/Faculty Senate
  2. Student/Student Senate
  3. Graduate and Professional Student Council
  4. Interdisciplinary Areas; Branches & Provost
  5. Council of Principle Investigators
  6. Athletics
  7. Division of Finance and Operations
  8. System Agencies (TEES, AgriLife, HSC)
  9. Chair, Division of Research



The membership and composition of the sub-council will be assessed annually by the CBE.

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