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Maintenance Review Sub-Council

Operations and Charge
Ralph Davila, Chair


To promote and sustain a high-quality built environment through a quality maintenance program at Texas A&M University. This sub-council is the permanent manifestation of the 2010 Deferred Maintenance Task Force (DMTF).

The Maintenance Sub-Council will review deferred maintenance proposals on behalf of the university with the following intent:

  1. Annually review the five year plan developed using the DMTF process and provide feedback and input on the plan.
  2. Recommend a plan annually to the full CBE.
  3. Review capital renewal projects in light of need for new space requests.
  4. Periodically review progress on Deferred Maintenance projects.
  5. Review any special requests that come up during the year on needed major repairs ($100,000 or greater) and recommend action (funding) to the full CBE.


  1. Maintenance Sub-Council meets every month (or as needed).
  2. A formal agenda will be published in advance.
  3. A quorum consists of no less than seven (7) of the nine (9) voting members.
  4. Receive the five (5) year plan from Facilities Services for review.
  5. Recommendations of the Maintenance Sub-Council will be communicated in writing to the CBE and should include appropriate cost estimates.
  6. The Chair will report to the CBE Co-Chairs.


The chair will be appointed by virtue of position while the rest will need to be selected and recommended to the CBE Co-Chairs after consultation with respective Deans or organizations. The Chair will be the Director of Facilities and Dining Administration.

The Maintenance Sub-Council will have the services of the staff of the Division of Finance and Operations, who will develop minutes, reports and manage the sub-council operations.


  • Director of Facilities and Dining Administration (CHAIR)
  • Facilities Services Representative (2)
  • College Facilities Coordinator
  • Faculty Senate Representative
  • Student Representative
  • Environmental Health and Safety Representative (to represent fire and life safety issues)
  • Auxiliary Enterprise Representative (when Auxiliary Enterprise facilities are included)
  • Division of Finance and Operations Representative
  • Research & Graduate Studies Representative


The membership and composition of the sub-council will be assessed annually by the CBE.

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