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Members of the CBE - Non-Voting/Permanent

   Co-Chair Carol A. Fierke

   Co-Chair Jerry Strawser

   Ms. Lilia Gonzales

   Mr. Tom Reber

   Mr. Ralph Davila

   Mr. Bill Cox

   Ms. Deborah Wright

   Mr. Kevin Hurley

   Mr. Richard Gentry



Members of the CBE - Voting/Appointed

(* non-voting for FY 21.  Should the voting member not be in attendance, the non-voting member votes in their place)


   Mr. Stephen Schulze  

   Dr. N. K. Anad*

   Council of Deans

   Dr. Nancy Fahrenwald

   Dr. Robert B. Ahdich

   Council of Principal Investigators

   Dr. H. Russell Cruss

   Dr. Debjyoti Banerjee*

   Faculty Senate

   Dr. Shelley Holliday

   Dr. Leslie Easterwood

   Graduate and Professional Student Council



   Student Government Association


   Mr. Sven Lohse

   Nidhi Nagireddy*

   University Staff Council

   Ms. Jill Lee

   Ms. Monica Hartman*

   Vice Presidents

   Dr. Mark Barteau

   Mr. Joseph Pettibon

   Dr. Daniel Pugh*




Membership on the Council for the Built Environment

The Council for the Built Environment is a 27 member council comprised of 10 permanent non-voting members and 17 appointed members (10 voting and seven non-voting).

The permanent, non-voting members are the following individuals:

  • Provost and Executive Vice President (Co-Chair)
  • Executive Vice President for Finance & Operations (Co-Chair)
  • Chair, Design Review Sub-Council
  • Chair, Technical Review Sub-Council
  • Chair, Maintenance Sub-Council
  • Chair, Facilities Utilization Review Sub-Council
  • Associate Vice President for Budget and Planning
  • Director of Facilities Coordination
  • Associate Athletic Director for Facilities
  • Resident Regional Manager Facilities Service

The appointed voting members are selected from the following:

  • Vice Presidents - 3 (Only two of these three members votes in a given year.)
  • Council of Deans - 2
  • Faculty Senate Representatives* - 2
  • Council of Principal Investigators Representative* - 2
  • Student Government Representative* - 2
  • Graduate and Professional Student Council Representative* -2
  • Texas A&M University Systems Agency* - College Station - 2
  • University Staff Council Representative* - 2

*Only one of these two members votes in a given year.

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