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Members of the CBE - Non-Voting/Permanent

   Co-Chair Carol A. Fierke

   Co-Chair Jerry Strawser

   Ms. Lilia Gonzales

   Mr. Tom Reber

   Dr. Marty Scholtz

   Mr. Ralph Davila

   Mr. David Morrison

   Ms. Deborah Wright

   Mr. Kevin Hurley

   Mr. Richard Gentry


Members of the CBE - Voting/Appointed

(* non-voting for FY 17.  Should the voting member not be in attendance, the non-voting member votes in their place)


    Dr. Bill Dugas

    Dr. N. K. Anad*

   Council of Deans

   Dr. Eleanor Green

   Dr. Meigan Aronson

   Council of Principal Investigators

   Dr. Jim Grau

   Dr. Victor Ugaz*

   Faculty Senate

   Dr. Bob Strawser

   Dr. Jose Fernandez-Solis*

   Graduate and Professional Student Council

   Mr. Christian Nygren

   Ms. Bara Safarova*

   Student Government Association


   Ms. Hannah Wimberly

   Ms. Grace Dansby*

   University Staff Council

   Mr. Andy Armstrong

   Ms. Rebecca Eaton*

   Vice Presidents

   Dr. Daniel Pugh

   Dr. Paul Ogden

   Dr. Glen Laine *




Membership on the Council for the Built Environment

The Council for the Built Environment is a 27 member council comprised of 10 permanent non-voting members and 17 appointed members (10 voting and seven non-voting).

The permanent, non-voting members are the following individuals:

  • Provost and Executive Vice President (Co-Chair)
  • Executive Vice President for Finance & Operations (Co-Chair)
  • Chair, Design Review Sub-Council
  • Chair, Technical Review Sub-Council
  • Chair, Maintenance Sub-Council
  • Chair, Facilities Utilization Review Sub-Council
  • Associate Vice President for Budget and Planning
  • Director of Facilities Coordination
  • Associate Athletic Director for Facilities
  • Resident Regional Manager Facilities Service

The appointed voting members are selected from the following:

  • Vice Presidents - 3 (Only two of these three members votes in a given year.)
  • Council of Deans - 2
  • Faculty Senate Representatives* - 2
  • Council of Principal Investigators Representative* - 2
  • Student Government Representative* - 2
  • Graduate and Professional Student Council Representative* -2
  • Texas A&M University Systems Agency* - College Station - 2
  • University Staff Council Representative* - 2

*Only one of these two members votes in a given year.

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