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Technical Review Sub-Council

Operations and Charge
Tom Reber, Chair



The Technical Review Sub-Council (TRSC) will review all technical aspects, as appropriate, of the conceptual proposals forwarded to the Council for the Built Environment (CBE). The TRSC will provide the evaluation of the technical feasibility and the impacts of the given project on the existing and planned campus. The assessment will include, but not be limited to, a review of the following aspects of the project:

  1. Infrastructure
    1. Adequacy
    2. Site Impact
  2. Space
    1. Existing space
    2. Adequacy/need
    3. Condition
    4. Location
  3. Site
    1. Availability
    2. Compliance with the Campus Master Plan
    3. Impact on existing and proposed land uses
  4. Parking impacts on existing/planned
  5. Environmental Health and Safety Issues
    1. Fire & Life Safety
    2. Hazardous Materials
    3. General Risk
  6. Funding
    1. Project Cost Assessment
    2. Potential Sources
    3. Implication to other projects
  7. Planning & Construction
    1. Lay Down Areas
    2. Project Timing
    3. Other impacts
  8. Regulatory Requirements
    1. THECB rules
    2. BOR requirements
    3. TAMUS/University Policies & Rules
  9. Risk Management
    • ADA Access
  10. General Logistic Issues


The TRSC will meet as needed to assess the projects generated by the initial consideration and actions of the CBE. The Chair will call the meetings as needed and consistent with the direction of the CBE.


  • Facilities Coordination, Chair
  • Physical Plant: Facilities
  • Physical Plant: Utilities
  • Environmental Health & Safety Department
  • Purchasing
  • Capital Financial Planning
  • Transportation Services
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • University Police
  • Computing & Information Services (CIS)
  • Master Plan Coordinator
  • University Telecommunications
  • Student Affairs

Other members as needed to include, but not limited to:

  1. Contract Compliance
  2. Special Area Coordinators
    • Special Events Facilities
    • Research Park
    • Airport
    • Presidential Conference Center
    • Riverside Campus
    • University Apartments/ Residence Life
  3. TAMU System
    • Treasury Services
    • Facilities Planning & Construction
    • Real Estate

The membership will be fluid to meet the changing needs of the CBE and the university community. Changes to the formal assignment of members of the Sub-Council will be made by the CBE.

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